Night Nanny Services & Cost

Night Nanny (from birth - 3 months)

For Parents who would like a good night’s sleep (or a much deserved night out), I will come to your home and care & feed your baby through the night. Breast feeding mothers can choose to express their milk or I will bring the baby to you. Parents who bottle feed can leave everything to me.

In the morning I will feed, change and wash your baby & wash and sterilise bottles. I am also very happy to advise on breast feeding, day and night routines and anything in fact about your baby’s first months.

I can be booked from one to five times per week to suit your family’s needs or more occasionally if you just need a good night’s sleep. If booked on a regular weekly basis, I will quickly help you and your baby establish a good night-time routine.

The babies I night nanny for, generally sleep through the night at about 3 to 4 months old.... at which point I am no longer needed!

Cost:               £90 per night for one baby

                        £120 per night for twins

Hours:            9pm - 7am, additional hours £10 per hour

Frequency:    1 - 5 nights per week

Sleep Training (from 4 months to 5 years)

Contrary to popular belief, sleeping through the night is a learned skill, much like potty training! If by four or five months (or four or five years) your baby or child is not sleeping through the night I can help change this.

I use a variety of gentle techniques and strategies to suit individual babies and families and most babies/children will sleep through the night after three nights of training.

Initially I will visit your home at “tea time” and observe your baby or child’s evening & bedtime routine. For the following 3 nights I will assist parents to implement appropriate techniques which will encourage their baby or child to sleep through the night. I follow up a week later with an additional night to reinforce the new techniques and to ensure that new sleep routines have been properly established.

Cost:               £120 per night for one baby/child

                        £140 per night for twins/ two children

Hours:            Usually 7pm - 7am, additional hours £12 per hour

Frequency:    Observation 5pm - 10pm, plus 4 nights

Sleep Workshops

(for expectant parents, the parents of new-born babies or parents who’s babies or children don’t yet sleep through the night)

Invite your friends, your ante-natal class or baby and toddler group to a coffee morning at your place and I’ll provide the secrets that will ensure parents can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

My in-home sleep workshops are a fun and informal way of teaching parents the techniques that will ensure that your child will establish healthy sleep routines right from the start and sleep through the night from about 3 to 4 months.

Over two and a half hours, I explain a variety of gentle techniques and strategies to suit individual babies, children and families as well as helping each participant to work out a sleep routine for their baby or child. I also explain what to do when everything goes wrong! Finally I finish up with a Q&A session that covers any other questions that you may have.

Cost:  £150 per workshop for up to five people & £20 per  person thereafter (includes workbook)

If you would like to meet or book me as your Night Nanny, please contact me either by phone or e-mail. I can provide you with excellent verifiable references and a copy of my full C.V.

***I don’t charge an agency fee***